I need servers in UK and Germany, can add /48 local ipv6, configure E5*2-32G-500

Started by redshrey, Jun 17, 2022, 05:17 AM

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redshreyTopic starter

I need servers in UK and Germany, can add /48 local ipv6, configure E5*2-32G-500G SSD


Are you looking for a budget provider or something rather more enterprise level? Without knowing your requirements:

DE (Enterprise)
First Colo

DE (Budget)


There are a lot of companies whose servers are located in Germany and the UK. For example, you can choose Ionos. In my opinion they offer reasonable rates. You can choose the best one for news sites or large services.

Gabriel Evans

There are many companies that offer dedicated server services, but not all offer this particular configuration. I mean picking up a server with 48 Local ipv6 is not a problem, but the processor will be a little different, but you can pick up ssd AND ram.
https://unihost.com/en/dedicated/#filter-box - servers in France, UK and Germany
https://www.ovhcloud.com/en/bare-metal/prices/ - UK and USA
https://www.cloudhosting.lv/eng/dedicated-servers - Germany, UK, Poland and France.


Hi, in Germany we can offer you the following:

The possibility of payment through any common terminals.

The type of virtualization is not important (now the project has been living on OpenVZ for more than a year)

Also OpenVZ

Guaranteed memory - 384Mb is more than enough (even on OpenVZ)

You will have 4000 MB

Processor - 600 Mhz is enough

1400 Mhz is not much more than you are asking for =)

A 55 GB disk is enough

550 GB I think it's not critical for you if there is more?

Incoming/outgoing 5Mbps is enough (with a VERY large margin).

You will have 100 Mbps

OS - Ubuntu server/Debian

Ubuntu and Debian can be installed as much as you want =)

Admin myself, no panels, backups, additional ip, domains, checkers, no need

Well, we only have 4 IP addresses, then you will have no more and a monthly backup =)

And all this for $10 a month. There is also a free test for 10 days.

Contact us.