My whole business has gone to hell by OVH

Started by coolbrain, Jun 29, 2022, 09:39 AM

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I started my hosting business around 15 years ago when I was 20 years.
after 15 years I hosted thousands of sites and VPS on 40 serves
I buy servers from several data centers such as Hetzner OVH .....

On 21 of April we suddenly lost access to our servers, as we logged into our OVH panel, it showed that 19 of our servers have been suspended because of an abuse report and that we should receive an abuse email indicating the reason for this suspension and the way to restore them.
It's been 17 days now and regardless of our many attempts to talk to support, we still received nothing!

the OVH support team says to me in every calling or chat or ticket "
Please note that your servers have been suspended for legal reasons ( legal team in Irland )
Thank you for contacting us. I inform you that your case has been updated on high degree of priority. You will need to wait for the response of the legal team about the details. As OVH support team we are not in position to share additional elements about the incident"

I did not receive any email from the legal team
I could not connect to the legal team with the OVH telephone number, then I went to the Irland OVH office, You may not believe it, but OVH has no office in the Irland
OVH closed her office in the Irland 4 years ago

9 days ago, I discovered that my suspended servers are being deleted one after another!!!

Hundreds of websites and VPS has gone to hell
The OVH was not even giving me the chance to save my data and he is still not giving me a reason for such actions.

I need help from everybody to give me a solution for asking ovh legal team to answer ticket #5384970 after 18 days


Never fun having to deal with this type of thing.
We have found that some bigger companies don't care about the users as much. That being said depending on the type of abuse they could have to legally stop your servers.

This is a very big reminder of backups backups backups.
Nobody is going to call or contact OVH for you, this is between you and them.

Hopefully you can find another company to deal with and note for future cases keeping offsite backups and everything. Hopefully you have some from other data centers.
Hopefully they can work with you to give time to remove data and migrate.


Prior to this incident did you have a lot of abuse?
I ask because typically when you have an abuse complaint it is tied to one server and that one server is what is at risk of being terminated. The only thing I can think of is your account was responsible for many abuse complaints over a period of time and this last one was the final straw.

However, under that scenario I would hope you would have received previous warnings letting you know your account was at risk if things didn't improve.
Depending on the abuse it could be that OVH has been instructed by some government agency to NOT inform you of the situation, however, even under that circumstance it would normally affect only the server with the abusive site or VPS, not all of your servers. Any chance there are more details to this story to share?


When registering, OVH did not ask for documents, they gave the VPS server only the next day. Bought a server in Warsaw. It seems that all purchases are checked manually, and this is very slow.

It is stated that VPS is on SSD, but in reality it is on HDD, and SSD is only for cache, such as a hybrid system. The speed of the disk very much depends on the time of day, at rush hour it drops to 6-10 MB / s (it's like a regular HDD) SSD does not seem to cope as a cache. The maximum speed for all the time on the SSD rose to 150 MB / s (competitors have a speed of 6 times higher !!!
Competitors reach up to 900 MB / s). SQL processing speed is quite low for a large database of approximately 1.5 GB. Complex requests are processed in 4.5 seconds. Although on other servers with a normal SSD no more than 1.5 seconds. The speed of the communication channel is approximately 20 Mbps (competitors reach 80-100 Mbps calmly)

Conclusion: What OVH write that a slow communication channel  is true. The high speed of the server was not confirmed, who write that the servers work quickly, it seems that they have simple sites where there is no heavy load. As soon as the site becomes thick, the speed of low work is clearly manifested. The server was tested for a month and concluded that it was necessary to dump them in another place.


Check if it could be related to one of your clients. The requirements are very strict, if one of them was only suspected of financing terrorism or other illegal acts, restrictions could be imposed on all servers of the hosting company.