Looking for the highest quality web servers in Europe.

Started by qx_1789, Jul 28, 2022, 01:33 AM

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qx_1789Topic starter

Interested in a high quality dedicated server in Europe, and maybe more than one. Some game projects are planned.

Those. with the high quality of work, there should not be any troubles at all, it is necessary that it withstand any load, of course, within reasonable limits, the ping was smaller. And preferably a good support.

Who can advise what, from your own experience!


We rent a dedicated web server from http://webzilla.com/
There have never been any problems, for two years of using the services. There are also smart admins and good support. If there are minor misunderstandings, then they solve very quickly. I like them.
The server placed in Amsterdam.

Yes, and besides, fоrex brokers and financial services use their web services. And that says a lot.

So just a fine impression. By the way, we also plan to expand soon and get one more server there.


You can consider Hetzner.
This is a German company that has its own data centers in Falkenstein and Nuremberg in Germany and in Finland, in Helsinki.
Its own point of presence on the European backbone in Frankfurt.
There is a data center in the United States, but you need Europe, right?

Connon Bootman

I have used services from many providers and I can categorize them all.
bluehost.com stands out for both stability and range of services.
SiteGround has the best tech support (you can literally have them on your phone)
Hostinger is the cheapest, but at the same time with a high stability rate.
a2hosting.com has strong servers (on par with bluehost). Featured with frequent discounts.
Look more here. This is perhaps the cheapest, but stable hosting provider - .ionos.com


Scala Hosting: Fully managed and accessible VPS plans configured exactly according to your
scala parameters
This web hosting, registered in Texas, has data centers in Dallas and Sofia (Bulgaria), thanks to which it will become a good basis for projects aimed at the audience of North America and Europe. You can register your VPS server in one of two data centers, and also choose a managed or unmanaged way to work with it.

Whatever you choose, you will be able to fine-tune your VPS server according to your needs. You can create any combination of processor cores, RAM and SSD (or even a cheaper HDD option), and then scale the result in both directions at any time.
Additional services are also available (for a separate price), for example, proactive process tracking, automatic backup and optimization of server speed.

Managed VPS web hosting plans of Scala Hosting are just a little more expensive than unmanaged ones, and, in my opinion, the choice is obvious. Round–the–clock server maintenance includes not only full process management - from configuration to optimization - but also daily remote backup, the company's own control panel and a set of security features.

Full customization: choose from 1 to 24 processor cores, from 2 to 32 GB RAM and from 50 to 700 GB SSD. If you want to save money, you can choose HDD storage instead of SSD for storing media files.
Spanel: Scala web Hosting service has developed its own control panel for VPS servers, which represents serious competition to industry leaders DirectAdmin and cPanel. This panel is not only elegant and easy to operate, but also cheaper than the panels mentioned above.
If you plan to manage multiple accounts, then it will be good news for you that, unlike cPanel, SPanel does not become more expensive when adding new accounts.
30-day Money Back Guarantee: All VPS plans include a money back guarantee. If you are a new customer and request a refund within the first month, you will be refunded without any questions.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Scala web Hosting offers a refund of 10% of the amount paid for every 0.1% of the time when the server is unavailable, starting from 99.9%. This means that you will get 10% of your money back if the uptime is 99.9%, and all 100% if this value drops to 99.1% or lower. This means that the service is aimed at providing quality services.

Samuel Flatcher jr

I don't know about others, but I prefer BlueHost. He, in addition to good equipment, offers high-quality and fast technical support. If you need a heavy duty server, then refer to A2. If you are looking for something that is not so expensive, but of high quality (they just have weaker servers), then take a look at Hostinger.