Powerful bare metals needed

Started by john45, Jun 26, 2022, 11:47 AM

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john45Topic starter

I'm new to the forum but from what I've read as a common lurker, this community never fails to deliver!

I've been struggling with finding a beefy dedicated server with requirements listed below located in EU.

- CPU: AMD EPYC 7443p or 7402p
- RAM: 256 or 512gb
- Port: 5gbit> (preferably faster) symmetrical with unmetered / very high bandwidth limit.
- Disk: 1x 2TB+ NVME SSD + 1x NVME SSD of smaller or same size

Hopefully someone in WHT has what I'm looking for!

I'm using most available payment methods (preferably crypto, bank, card, paypal)


Do you have a budget in mind that you are looking at for this?

You also ask for 5Gbps or greater check out some companies in Amsterdam from our searches years ago it was one of the best hubs for high bandwidth.


recently I ordered 1 server in Hongkong before I order I make sure to do it via here and staff said me centos can be installed on my side via LeaseWeb knowledge base guide or tutorial
1st thing 1st it's not working and most probably has kernel issues I ask refund or credit value my this account but no one helps me I already dispute this transaction and my card provider looking forward, however now USA department and Asia depart not reply my ticket answer
even not get any refund
I am sure they are now scamming people's money


I recommend Hetzner. The price is good, the configs are excellent - but you have to be careful with the abuzas and solve everything according to their demand. For white projects - the very thing.
Channels and support for norms.
But there is no support there - you can only contact there if the server is unavailable, everything else costs money. It is easier to work with our (ua, ru) resellers - and it is more convenient to pay (cashless, webmoney) and there is support.

Gareth Freeman

If you need something this powerful in Europe, then I can advise ovhcloud, whose servers are located both in Europe and in America. Also take a look at hostunmetered.net. This hosting company is headquartered in Spain, but they also cover other locations in Europe. And of course hetzner.com. Strong servers in Germany.