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Started by john45, Jun 26, 2022, 11:47 AM

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john45Topic starter

Hi there,

I am new to this forum, but as a regular reader, I can say that this community always delivers.

I've been struggling to find a robust dedicated server in the EU that meets the following requirements:

- CPU: AMD EPYC 7443p or 7402p
- RAM: 256 or 512 GB
- Port: Symmetric 5Gbit or faster with unmetered or exceptionally high bandwidth limits
- Disk: 1x 2TB+ NVMe SSD and 1x NVMe SSD of the same or smaller size

I hope someone here can assist me in finding what I'm looking for. I am open to using various payment methods, including crypto, bank transfer, card payments, and PayPal.


Do you have a specific budget in mind for this dedicated server?

Regarding your request for a 5Gbps or faster port, we suggest checking out companies based in Amsterdam. Our past searches indicate that this location is one of the best hubs for high bandwidth.


I recently ordered a server in Hong Kong and made sure to go through this platform. The staff informed me that CentOS could be installed using the LeaseWeb knowledge base guide or tutorial. However, it did not work and most likely had kernel issues.

 I requested a refund or credit on my account, but no one has helped me. I have already disputed this transaction, and my card provider is investigating. Unfortunately, I have not received any response from the USA or Asia department regarding my ticket, nor have I received a refund. I am convinced that they are scamming other people out of their money.


I recommend Hetzner. The price is good, the configs are excellent - but you have to be careful with the abuzas and solve everything according to their demand. For white projects - the very thing.
Channels and support for norms.
But there is no support there - you can only contact there if the server is unavailable, everything else costs money. It is easier to work with our (ua, ru) resellers - and it is more convenient to pay (cashless, webmoney) and there is support.

Gareth Freeman

If you need something this powerful in Europe, then I can advise ovhcloud, whose servers are located both in Europe and in America. Also take a look at This hosting company is headquartered in Spain, but they also cover other locations in Europe. And of course Strong servers in Germany.


The following models are based on two Xeon E5 processors. Each model has hot-swappable disks and operates with two 750W power supplies. Two similar models are powered by two Intel Xeon E5 2620v4 processors, each equipped with two 480GB SSDs and two 2TB HDDs. However, they differ in their RAM size, disk controller, and the number of disks they can hold.

Two other models are also based on two Intel Xeon E5 2620v4 processors and have the same disk controller. The first one is equipped with 128GB RAM, two 240GB SSDs, two 1TB HDDs, one 375GB PCI-E SSD, and can hold up to eight disks. On the other hand, the second model has 256GB RAM, two 240GB SSDs, and six 10TB HDDs. It can also hold up to eight disks but only has a single 1100W power supply unit.

Another two models are based on two Xeon Silver processors and have 32GB of RAM each. The first model, Dell PowerEdge R640, can hold up to eight 2.5-inch disks, while the second model, Dell PowerEdge R740xd, can hold up to 12 3.5-inch disks.

Lastly, all four models based on two Xeon Gold processors have 64GB of RAM each. The first two models, Dell PowerEdge R740 and Dell PowerEdge R640, come with a PERC H730p disk controller and two 750W power supplies. The former can hold up to 16 2.5-inch disks, while the latter can hold up to eight 2.5-inch disks. The remaining two models, HP Enterprise Proliant DL360 Gen10 and HP Enterprise Proliant DL360 Gen10, have a Smart Array P408i-a disk controller and two 800W power supplies each. The former can hold up to eight 2.5-inch disks, while the latter can hold up to 10 2.5-inch NVMe disks.

Lastly, we suggest using our server configurator tool for accurate component selection and budget estimation. If you need a dual-processor server for productive tasks, we recommend the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740.


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