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What is java

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What is Java in simple words Java is a general purpose programming language Refers to object oriented programming languages to languages with strong typing


Java is primarily a cross-platform language. That is, it is fully consistent with the WORA principle: write once, run anywhere. Or in another way, a program written in Java will run on any computer where the Java virtual machine is installed, i.e. Java byte code translator. It can be either a PC with any operating system or a mobile device.


Java is an object—oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle). The official release date is May 23, 1995.
Java programs are translated into bytecode, which is then executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). A JVM is a program that processes byte code and passes instructions to the hardware as an interpreter.
The advantage of this implementation is the independence of the bytecode from the operating system and hardware, which allows you to run Java applications on any device for which there is a JVM.

Another important feature of Java technology is a flexible security system due to the fact that the execution of the program is completely controlled by the virtual machine. Any operations that exceed the program's established authority (for example, an attempt to gain unauthorized access to data or connect to another computer) cause an immediate interruption.

Often, the disadvantages of the virtual machine concept include the fact that the execution of bytecode by a virtual machine can reduce the performance of programs and algorithms implemented in Java.
 Programs written in Java have a reputation for being slower and taking up more RAM than those written in C. However, if we compare Java with interpreted languages, which are most often used in web development, then Java performance is usually noticeably higher.