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Started by rthbk98, Nov 08, 2022, 08:42 AM

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What characteristics should a server have to work on it for a game server for 10 people and, accordingly, the game site.


What you need for a game server:
Everyone who used to build a computer from scratch has an approximate idea of what is needed to run a game server on a VPS hosting. The main difference is that you have to assemble parts of a virtual machine, not a physical one.
 This means that you need to have an understanding of concepts such as the types of computing resources, installation and configuration of the operating system and applications (including the game to be hosted), working with a network connection for the game.

It is worth dwelling on specific types of server resources in more detail. For full operation, the game server needs:

Stable Internet connection. The basis of an online multiplayer game is the high reliability of the Internet connection, eliminating the risk of losing any important game data.
Wide internet channel. The ping rate of data packet transmission from the user's PC to the server and back depends on this parameter. In order for the gameplay on a server designed for 50-100 people to occur without freezes, it is desirable to have a channel width of about 1000 Mbit/sec.

Static IP address. A permanent IP address is necessary for any dedicated game server - it is with its help that gamers find an online entertainment platform. Most VPS service providers provide their clients with this option by default, and some assign not only a static, but also a white IP to the virtual server.
Powerful processor. Another requirement for game hosting is high computing power, that is, the speed and performance of the processor. It depends on how quickly the server will respond to the requests of numerous users of the online game.

Large amount of RAM. This parameter directly depends on the estimated number of gamers (the number of slots) and the size of the game world being created. To support a multiplayer game on the game server, you will need at least 12 GB of RAM.
There is enough disk space. Popular online games have different requirements for the size of the server disk. In addition to the space for the game itself, as well as plug-ins and mods for it, when creating a game server, it is necessary to take into account the amount of memory required to add each participant.

High-speed disks. For network games, the high speed of the file system is extremely important. Therefore, when looking for high-quality hosting for the game, it is advisable to choose servers based on fast SSD or NVMe disks, rather than HDD, which differ in slower random read speed.
For example. To run a dedicated server with a Minecraft game for 10-25 players, you will need a processor with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz, at least 2 GB of RAM and 15 GB of disk space, as well as an Internet channel of 10 Mbit/s. The official Vanilla game developer platform is more demanding on resource consumption, so you need to add another 50 MB of RAM to the calculation for each player on the server. For a comfortable Minecraft game on the Bukkit platform, it will be enough for the user to allocate an additional 5-50 MB of RAM.

In addition to purely hardware requirements, the level of security and quality of service from the hosting provider are also important for the successful hosting of online games.
As with any hosting choice, you need to understand how quickly technical support responds, whether free daily backups are made, whether there is protection against DDoS attacks.


Quote from: rthbk98 on Nov 08, 2022, 08:42 AMWhat characteristics should a server have to work on it for a game server for 10 people and, accordingly, the game site.
You can rent a dedicated server from the company where the visual servers are located, they provide servers that correspond to the capacity for today. You can also install a server for games on them. Usually these are xxeon-based servers.
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