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Started by Davidadams, Oct 12, 2022, 03:04 AM

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Hello, please tell me.
There is a call center with 50+ workstations. A familiar director asked me if it was possible to rent a server so that all users would work there, namely a browser, skype, specialized programs for the exchange and trading, an office, etc., that is, a completely client profile.

To be honest, I have never encountered anything like that, I understand that if we take into account that this is not one 1C in terminal mode and a decent number of workstations, then the power needs very, very large if at all possible within the framework of one server.
What hardware should web server have, and by what means is it implemented, rdp connections? And he also wants to be able to remotely monitor employees within the framework of all this, are there any special programs? I understand radmin? ammy, teamviewer is not rolling.


leaseweb  renting server
There VDI
has recently been a frequent practice
of VDI options a lot of the most-the most Citrix and vmware
, if by legalka-there is not enough money.

well, monitoring of employees can be implemented both by connecting to their workstations \ thin clients (although the same teamviewer), and you can cling to sessions on virtual computers.
surely, you can make a super-terminal, where to let everyone in - but here the nuances of the work of the special program can already manifest themselves. but you can do without virtual machines.


If you need a cloud, go to Amazon. If the average is still budget — try offices with high quality and average prices. Maybe something in the spirit of the former RackShаck, now they are called EV1 / ThePlanet. SoftLayer will be in the same segment.
You can use the open entryway, looking only at the price, of course — but look so that it doesn't come out sideways. And as the project goes, you can look in the direction of premium hosting providers like RackSpace, they also have a subsidiary office engaged in shared hosting and VPS, in this segment, get ready to pay for SLA.


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