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Started by jessepeterson, Nov 10, 2022, 08:48 AM

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jessepetersonTopic starter

When website was on another hosting, one coder made an application form from the site to send to telegram. Before the PHP hosting congress, it reached version 8.0. The old web hosting did not want to give free SSL without a dedicated IP fee.
So, recently there was a congress on another hosting. The site has become https, but the PHP version of the current hosting is 7.4.

I reread a lot of information. I was struck by the fact that there is no clear, clear answer to any formulation of such a search query as "why does not the application form from the site open and become non-clickable". Every possible reformulation of the request did not give an answer even close. I read something near-floating, but, of course, everything turned out to be useless.

At the root of the site there is a folder inside which "telegram form" and in it three folders with css, php, js files. Around where I met, changed http to https, push zero.
Everything on the site works except for this form. It is not clickable, it does not open.

I wrote to the hosting service, which replied to me that all scripts are executed, but there are js errors. Hosting provided me with two screenshots ( , ) , whose links open for me only under VPN . Hosting advised me to contact the developer who made the form, but I have no desire to contact him.

The screenshots that the hosting provided me reminded me of the mobile version of the troubles. Errors, in my opinion, then after editing main.js remained, but everything began to work at least.

Where to dig now, I have no idea. By the method of a long search, perhaps I will come to something. But one thing is clear to me - there is no answer to the question on the Internet. Around all pseudo-experts lick off each other's knowledge, and the slightest deviation from the banal standard is everything, they have arrived, a barbell.

I'm not even close to a coder myself, programming is not my element. Why did I specify about the change of hosting and PHP with https - because, I believe, this is where the dog is buried somewhere. And I would also like to unsubscribe to the hosting, what was the reason for him to realize and admit that the defect became after the move, as well as so that he could help other people if they also have a similar trouble.
And also, gentlemen, on the Internet, on the first page of the search, the answer to the question will finally appear (although I have shoveled dozens of sites) - why is it not clickable and the application form from the site does not open (feedback form - whatever you can call it).
I do not know what else this form can be associated with. Is its code registered somewhere else besides the telegram form folder?..

If anyone wants to participate, take into account that I don't just need to write - change the fifth line in main.js or something like that, and write the path to the file that requires editing. For example: assets-templates-js-main.js . There are darkness of files, darkness of branches. Finding the right folder is difficult, not to mention the file.

MODX 2.8.3-pl

I do not know if this is an easy question. For a real professional - probably yes. But, considering that I have not found the answer to the question on the whole Internet, I put it at a difficult level.

I will provide everything you may need to find an answer. It seems to me that the F12 console will not be enough, because everything has been the same there for the last 3 years, and the form at the same time worked like everything else.

Oh, yes, the web site


missing closing tag </script> before this line:

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
Even when you try to send an application, you get a PHP error.
In a good way, error output to the screen in the PHP config should be disabled (enabled only on the developer's computer, but not on the combat server), instead enable error output to the log and sometimes get acquainted with the error log and correct them as they are detected.