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Started by TrickyAndrew00, Jul 25, 2022, 04:47 AM

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TrickyAndrew00Topic starter

From the beginning, how do I start my way in web-hosting? Can someone give useful tips or advices? I'm still in the process of learning and understanding the system.

Samuel Bawerman

With this approach of the question, I would recommend that you put your money in the bank and not open your own web host. If you decide to open a web hosting and become a hosting provider with minimal knowledge, then get ready for a lot of tests.
1. Before opening a web host, create a plan and answer the following questions:
How many clients do you want to see?
Where will you keep the server?
What is your starting capital?
2. Find a reliable partner (data center). A good partner is someone who doesn't drive up prices and offers software like raid 8/9/10.
3. Server installation is possible on different operating systems, but only Windows and Linux are fundamentally different. For the first you need to pay, but for the second you don't.
4. Installing software for the operating system does not require much knowledge. For Windows it's IIS and for Linux it's NGINX (cPanel/WHM for hosting).
5. If the server will be at home / in the garage, then you need to open ports.


A hosting service is essentially a network infrastructure that makes sites available on the Internet all over the world. Usually everything starts with a web server or a very powerful computer.
It is stored in a specially built and protected storage called a data censor. It provides network and power supply connectivity with temperature control and backup systems.

If you are a hosting company, then in fact you are buying physical disk space on web server, as well as bandwidth that provides a network connection for the server. Hosting is the home of your site.
If you have a web site, you will need a host to run it. Although hosting may seem daunting and complicated, it's actually very simple. Not sure which cloud hosting provider to choose? Here is a detailed comparison of Azure, AWS and GCP.

There are a large number of hosting companies in the world today. The Internet world is at the peak of popularity, and users are aware of the importance of good web hosting. Even small online companies now have their own sites.
Moreover, website owners understand how important it is to invest in a good web hosting that will be fast and secure. With the advent of Covid-19, several offline companies have also moved online.