When hosting space ran out

Started by a112, Nov 23, 2022, 12:53 AM

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For a moment I'm sitting on the same hosting, on the tariff with 150 Gb.
I keep several web sites there, PHP and Rails project. So, the moment of moving is a little complicated.
I pay about $10 a month for this case.

And now the place is almost over. This hosting does not increase the amount of storage space. you can only increase the tariff, and the SL tariff costs almost $20. The difference is significant.

The place ran out due to the static of the Rails project, specifically the downloaded files. Even more specifically, each uploaded image retains its original as well as 4 copies of different sizes. This is the specifics of the project.

Now I'm looking more towards Amazon S3. To transfer and store there all files uploaded by users, as well as other static Rails project seems to be the simplest solution.
But what about the price? I have seen the prices on their website, but can you write from your experience? For example, how much will it cost 30,000 GET requests per month? We will omit the other types of requests for now.
The images that I want to store there are always flashing on one or another page of the site. That is, it is unambiguous that one session will have at least 2 GET requests.

If it turns out that Amazon S3 comes out more expensive than the same hosting update for the new tariff, then you will have to update.
I'm just trying to find the most optimal solution right now.
As for cloud hosting, then I'm completely zero and I can't imagine at all how much it will cost my Rails project, and what to do with the rest of the simple PHP sites?.

In general, I seem to have described all the points of interest. I hope for your help.


separate engine . You can also turn it on the hosting for $5.
The downloaded files are separate. I now have several gigabytes of downloaded files lying on a specialized Cloud Storage .
The idea is that Cloud Storage is a very cheap FILE STORAGE WITHOUT an ENGINE. Gigabytes of files cost ridiculous pennies a month.
We spin the engine on another hosting (even from another hosting provider) and pay symbolic amounts of money for it.

EXACTLY HOW MANY queries will be built - you can easily calculate for yourself. And absolutely for sure - you also have statistics on your current server.
How many requests, what is the file size, etc.
How will MY file size help you in cost calculations?
I assure you, my files are different from the ones you have.


If you started to run into a place on the hosting, I would advise you to look at the servers at all, yes, it's more expensive, but there are also more opportunities and there are no such restrictions.
To begin with, you can look at something like kimsufi, soyoustart and alike.
I use soyoustart and do not regret it. The only minus that they have found in 3 years is that if an implicit jamb with the server starts (the disk in the raid starts to crumble), then they need to provide all the necessary data to replace it so that they can see it themselves, but this is not even a minus, so... However, if your disk is already dead there, then they will solve the problem themselves.
Backups are naturally better to have :) They have a built-in backup server for 500 gigs there, which is only available via FTP from the server that you ordered. Ie, it will not be very convenient to shove extra there.


recently I looked towards amazon and google clouds.
The price tags at best (when paying for a year, etc.) are 2-3 times higher than when buying a VPS / dedicated server from any host.
I compared my VPS for $10 with the same config in the cloud.
As a result, the same amount of resources costs $30 per month in the clouds. For this money, you can already take dedicated.

So we need to look for either a full-fledged server, or a large Subscription.
The server from cheap in OVH can be taken for about $40.
There will be 2 terabytes(1,8) on board. There you will be able to host everything that you have.