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Title: Which is better for VPS or Dedicated?
Post by: vinodkumar on Aug 21, 2022, 07:57 AM
Hello, I have a site with about 3000 h/d traffic. I'm going to move out of the virtual host. But I don't know what exactly to choose. VPS is cheaper, that's what attracts me. Or maybe all the same grandfather?
Dedicated is more expensive, but here's the catch. The website is slowly growing, traffic is growing by 5-10% per month and the load is growing accordingly. And I don't know how VPS will withstand it. A dedicated server will definitely hold up, but it will be more expensive. So I decided to take advice.
Title: Re: Which is better for VPS or Dedicated?
Post by: searchcandy on Aug 21, 2022, 08:14 AM
The differences are in who provides them. Each in his own way, as it seems to him better, sets the parameters of a dedicated server. For instance, one company can set the following parameters for an entry-level VPS - 4000 MB of RAM, 2000 MHz processor, 200 GB of space. All these are guaranteed parameters, but with a low server load, you can get more than these parameters.

Now about the loads. The main loads are the loads on the processors of the web server, subd, and on the data transmission channel.

If there is a possibility of a very large influx of people every second (I think from 100 people), then there will be a high probability that the webserver will fall under load or not produce content due to a large number of calculations. Those. the allocated clock frequency of the processor may not be enough for such operations. If such a problem arises, then you can upgrade to a higher plan or buy a balancer ($10K).

Then, there is still a load on the DBMS. For instance, MySQL, like most other well-known DBMS, stores the data used in RAM, so if the amount of data exceeds 128Gb, then the data will either not be issued, or it will take a long time to calculate. In addition, this daemon loads the server's CPU, so very often the DBMS is installed on another server, which allows you to reduce the load by several times. In addition, you can simply optimize the SQL query code, for example, instead of 5 queries, make only one. This will drastically improve the situation ..

generally, there is an unplowed field of possibilities
It all depends on the specific situation. Perhaps you need to refactor the code or optimize it, and you will not even need a VPS.
Title: Re: Which is better for VPS or Dedicated?
Post by: Yura on Aug 23, 2022, 05:20 AM
Hi, I can advise the hosting provider Advika Web Developments Hosting. This server provides a good server and hosting. They have an excellent price, good technical support. And also, what is especially important to you, the server handles a large load of users, and there are so-called load balancers. Therefore, if you still decide to switch, then switch to Advika Web.
Title: Re: Which is better for VPS or Dedicated?
Post by: brknny on Oct 21, 2022, 02:37 AM
The maximum VPS tariff is on average cheaper than renting a dedicated web server. You can find exceptions, but they are related to the weak hardware of physical machines that hosting providers offer. In terms of cost, the separation is very clear.
A dedicated server is an expensive solution for large projects and companies. VPS is a convenient offer for those who lack the capabilities of conventional hosting.
The virtual server is easier to upgrade. Many providers offer configurators that allow you to tweak individual parameters — for example, add RAM or increase storage capacity.
Physical servers are often provided for rent with a specific configuration that cannot be flexibly changed.

If you install a server in your premises or place it in the provider's data center, then you will have to complete a whole cycle of preparation for modernization: stop the server, transfer information to other drives, install new equipment.
It is more profitable to use VPS in most cases. With it, there are fewer worries even compared to renting a physical machine from a provider, not to mention hosting a dedicated server in your office. At the same time, the VPS provides root access, which allows you to configure an individual configuration to run a web project.

A physical server is a solution for large companies and projects. If you need to store a lot of data, fully control the operation of the server, down to the kernel and file system, then a dedicated machine is your choice. In other cases, the features provided by a virtual server from a good web  hosting provider should be enough.