Who uses which VPS?

Started by autorenta, Aug 18, 2022, 09:59 AM

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autorentaTopic starter

I used DigitalOcean but it seemed to me that it's a bit expensive, and their servers are not very fast.
I decided to try Fozzy at the same time. On the whole, servers with similar characteristics are not bad, much faster and 2.5 times cheaper, but other moments are a little annoying there.
I made a project for Koreans on Vultr, I liked it and it's faster and cheaper than DO.
Generally, I am looking for a VPS, who uses what in their work and why, tell us about your experience?

Kitty Solam

firstvds, as it turned out, has been with them for 6 years. Recently I received a letter that for the fifth anniversary of the account they give a permanent discount of 6%. It's so word for it.

Of the benefits, capacities are constantly growing and prices are dropping. For 6 years there was one failure in the data center, the problem was solved in less than a day. Support is not always fast, but patient and helpful almost always. The choice of VDS / VPS power for different needs and on different equipment. If you want cheaper, take a server on HDD disks, if you need performance and highest speed - take NVMe.

Colin Clark

What can I say? I have been using A2 Hosting for over a year. I bribed with a free ssl certificate, a free cPanel and two free Ip for servers. There are no complaints about the hardware - there is plenty to choose from (hardware). The price, as for me, is not high - only $40 per month.


My friend and I were using digitalocean for hosting a small multiplayer online game. The price is fair enought, and the server respond time is awesome, so thats my choice.


I use it for a month. There was not a single failure. And failures in the case of my site are common. Since the influx is large in the evenings.
Plus I liked the support service. They corrected site errors for me, just at my request. The hosting errors had nothing to do with it.
Plus they gave a 40% discount for the first month.