Who uses which VPS?

Started by autorenta, Aug 18, 2022, 09:59 AM

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autorentaTopic starter

I used DigitalOcean but it seemed to me that it's a bit expensive, and their servers are not very fast.
I decided to try Fozzy at the same time. On the whole, servers with similar characteristics are not bad, much faster and 2.5 times cheaper, but other moments are a little annoying there.
I made a project for Koreans on Vultr, I liked it and it's faster and cheaper than DO.
Generally, I am looking for a VPS, who uses what in their work and why, tell us about your experience?

Kitty Solam

firstvds, as it turned out, has been with them for 6 years. Recently I received a letter that for the fifth anniversary of the account they give a permanent discount of 6%. It's so word for it.

Of the benefits, capacities are constantly growing and prices are dropping. For 6 years there was one failure in the data center, the problem was solved in less than a day. Support is not always fast, but patient and helpful almost always. The choice of VDS / VPS power for different needs and on different equipment. If you want cheaper, take a server on HDD disks, if you need performance and highest speed - take NVMe.

Colin Clark

What can I say? I have been using A2 Hosting for over a year. I bribed with a free ssl certificate, a free cPanel and two free Ip for servers. There are no complaints about the hardware - there is plenty to choose from (hardware). The price, as for me, is not high - only $40 per month.


My friend and I were using digitalocean for hosting a small multiplayer online game. The price is fair enought, and the server respond time is awesome, so thats my choice.


I use it for a month. There was not a single failure. And failures in the case of my site are common. Since the influx is large in the evenings.
Plus I liked the support service. They corrected site errors for me, just at my request. The hosting errors had nothing to do with it.
Plus they gave a 40% discount for the first month.


https://www.greengeeks.com / Price: from $39.92 per month

GreenGeeks fills the niche of the web hosting business. With more than ten years of experience in hosting, GreenGeeks is a unique bastion for those looking for environmentally friendly web hosting.
The company claims to offer "300% eco-friendly hosting based on renewable energy sources." This means that they buy three times more renewable energy certificates than the ones they use.
For a registration fee of $2.92 per month (updated at a price of $10.95 after the initial duration of registration), you will receive an almost unlimited amount of everything, as well as even free domain registration and website migration supports abandoned.

GreenGeeks Migration on the site
For example, not only the web space is unlimited, but also SSD storage, which works fast.
Then there is daily backup and free website migration, which is almost not common in this price category. Combine this with everything else and it will be difficult for you to find a comparable offer.

WordPress hosting has small differences, but many of you will be pleased to know that there is free support for WordPress site migration.
This is what many web hosts charge a significant amount for.


Setup was fast and easy. Hostnamaste.com OpenVZ VPS prices also amazed me. Features fit my needs perfectly. Recommended!


I used windscribe vpn not so long ago, however now it is blocked in my destination (only for PC)
Phone version is still relevant and works