Who which hosting uses ? Advise what to take

Started by Harish, Aug 09, 2022, 03:50 AM

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HarishTopic starter

Then it suddenly turned out for me that my website is not availabledue to the blocking of some IPs from some countries, and I have vscale.io hosting (now it is selectel) and I thought that I had lost a considerable share of traffic.
My editors sit through vpn and suffer. I want to move to some European hosting provider, advise accordingly someone from Europe, stable, cool, with VPS on CentOS 7-8 and not very expensive, and to accept cards for payment..


Did you sign a trilateral treaty? Although it may be public. But it doesn't matter.  How it interacts with others is their own business. But the company in Cyprus does not owe you anything.
There is EU legislation. Until you have made payment, they don't owe you anything, so that it is not written in the contract.

I used to try many different hosting providers, but now I settled on Hetzner VPS.
Also keep some sites on Beget for 6-7 years, during this time there was not a single problematic situation that the websites lie, and even those. support responds in a timely manner.


Quote from: richtedy on Aug 09, 2022, 03:54 AMI used to try many different hosting providers, but now I settled on Hetzner VPS.

Not a bad choice. No one bans this hosting provider - there's a huge range of IP addresses.
If, however, some government decided to block an entire segment of the Internet, and this is usually done at the DNS server level of local providers, then - Cloudflare.


http://serverdale.com/ With not bad parameters, the price is quite sane. Gigabit channel, traffic is not taken into account, there is no test period as
such, but there is a moneyback for 7 days, actually the same TEST.
Various payment methods, stable operation. Support at the level, respond almost immediately.
If you are interested, when placing an order, enter the promo code 5%DISCOUNT144 get a 5% discount on the first payment.