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Started by Vopiros, Oct 14, 2022, 01:12 AM

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VopirosTopic starter

Last 3 days, my hosting provider has gone crazy. First, the domain is blocked due to the "influx of search bots" and the reason for the block is "Exceeding the processor load", which he suggests reading in the "Statistics" section.
In the statistics section, the daily consumption of CP does not exceed 62%. I open the ticket, the manager confirms that there was no excess and removes the restrictions.

Today the domain is blocked again because of "A strong ddos attack is happening on your site now. " and again they ask you to familiarize yourself with the excess load in the statistics section. I go in, there's 35% of the daily norm. They are not going to remove the lock.
They force cloudflare to connect. It's just not clear to me, they say I exceeded the daily CP load, but there is nothing in the statistics, DDOS screenshots do not give, just unsubscribes.


Switch to a more expensive tariff. They'll be behind for a year.
Then again, even if nothing changes.
First, they take the load type on the sucker, and if it doesn't roll, they change their shoes that ddos.
And if you get tired and demand proof, they will block you stupidly.
But it's not just your hosting provider that trades. Many other hosting companies.

they offered to put a cloudflare .. put it down and don't suffer.
well, the tariff can be increased, I have more traffic now than you have the Noble tariff - there are no problems.


I think it may be a problem with the technical equipment of the provider, the devices could be outdated and in order to hide it, he blames DDOS attacks. I advise you to either get rid of this provider, or increase the tariff as the person above said.


It may seem a bit irresistible to search and compare different webhosting packages - the hosting market is so competitive.
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I can recommend you try to compare rates, features, compatibility, performance, and reliability.


The price is right for us, the service is dependable, and the customer relationship is responsible, eager to participate in resolving the problem and prompt.