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Started by richardBranson, Aug 16, 2022, 12:17 AM

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What is the cost for a server configuration that meets the following requirements:
- 4 gigabytes of RAM
- 2 or more solid-state drives
- at minimum 100 megabits per second
- not less than 100 gigabytes in traffic
- Operating System options of either CentOS or WinServ 2013
- Server location in Europe
- Remote access via RDP for Windows and SSH for Linux.

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Please provide me with the pricing information.


One option is available with a 3,000 MHz processor, 250,000 MB disk, 4,024 MB RAM, 50,000 GB traffic, and 1 IP address for €18.99 per month (the cheapest premium plan available).

Alternatively, there is another option with a 10,000 MHz processor, 500,000 MB disk (RAID5), 5,120 MB memory, 80,000 GB traffic, 1 IP address, and VPN support TUN/TAP. This plan is priced at €58.85, and installation is free.

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