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Started by afariat, Jan 18, 2023, 04:06 AM

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Good day.
I had a question, what does it mean to make up with the mouse? Is this fully possible? And at the same time keep the layout up to date, adaptability, etc.
I myself write the layout using the usual methods, open the editor and went to scribble) But there are a bunch of editors, online and not online.

I would like to know the opinion of people who use special editors that allow you to simplify the layout, up to clicking. The key point of this topic is the platform for creating layout interactively.
Constructors are off topic!


unfortunately, no tools have yet come close to the quality of manual code.
Landing pages can be assembled in the constructor, where the requirements for code support are not so large. But more serious projects are not.
Of those platforms that I know, the most adequate is webflow.

By the way, about simplifications. Now they are of a different order - these are template engines and preprocessors.
Firstly, they reduce the number of code that has to be written, and secondly, they add convenience when working with data.
I.e., most of the routine from html is eliminated.


Pinegrow web editor is very nice, although it is paid, but you can find a cured one without any problems.
An adaptive web site on bootstrap, without any special functional bells and whistles, can be done practically without touching the keyboard, only for prescribing ids and classes :)

The theme code on PCP generates quite sane, unlike the same Themler.
There are good video courses on the site, for example, creating a portfolio site from scratch.
In general, I messed around with him somehow, I liked it.