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Started by kosmon, Jun 20, 2022, 02:59 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

We have obtained a new theme from and we are now seeking a skilled designer and editor to modify the content and menu across all 23 pages. The content will be sourced from, or

The payment arrangement will be on a per 8-page basis with no full upfront or milestone payments.


The concept seems intriguing and fits perfectly with my area of expertise. I would like to offer my assistance with your requirements. In order to receive a formal quote from me, you can contact me through Trish(at)cislabs(dot)com or via Skype at live:.cid.


I am interested in helping with this task. Let's connect and discuss the details further.


I am capable of providing assistance, and my expertise includes:
- Proficiency in HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQueryUI and AJAX with a focus on layout design.
- Intermediate-level proficiency in PHP, MVC, MySQL, and MySQLi.
- High-level proficiency in Joomla and WordPress.
- Familiarity with JavaScript at an intermediate level.
- Completed projects on CodeIgniter2 from PHP frameworks.
- Knowledgeable in CSS frameworks such as TwitterBootstrap and 960 Grid.