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Started by jane, Oct 21, 2022, 04:19 AM

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Hello, forum members!
I faced an interesting problem today - how to create high-quality screenshots for web sites of the right size.
The bottom line is that there is a web site (the width of the content block is 640px) for which you need to make screenshots of certain programs, their work, etc. the width is exactly the same 640px. If you go the simple way "head-on" - click prtscr, set the image size in the editor and save, then regardless of the format (gif / pn/jpg), soap is obtained. If you set the image dimensions in the wp settings and upload an image of the original size to the site (pr: 1400 * 600), then when you reduce it, you get soap again.

Anyone who gives advice, I thank him fervently, because I feel that I do not understand some very simple things.
I.e. need a program (service? life hаck?) to create screenshots scaled down without catastrophic loss of quality. I.e. there is a screen width of 1366px, it needs to be reduced to 640px.


If I understood correctly. Try inserting a screenshot into the paintnet, then ctrl +R set the necessary parameters and save them in any format.
Make the window of the program that you want to screen active, then press shift and then press print Screenю
It is not the entire desktop that is being scanned, but only the active window.

You can also use WinSnap. Very convenient - you can select a region for the snapshot.


I make screenshots in FastStone Capture (a paid product, but there are quite a lot of functions, including creating scrolling screenshots, an editor with arrows, labels, blurring the area and a bunch of effects, pixel color detection, a screen ruler and a bunch more).

To record videos in the highest quality — I really like UVScreenCamera (this is a domestic product, also paid). The beauty is in two killer features: a custom video saving format, in which recording takes place without loss (!), with the ability to export to GIF, FLV, AVI with a bunch of codecs and others, and most importantly - the function of smoothing the pointer movement when editing in the built—in editor.
That is, I can cut out an extra fragment on the record, then select two boundary frames, apply smoothing — and the editor itself will create additional frames that smooth out the jerk of the pointer. A very cool opportunity.