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Started by Bubunt, Jun 29, 2022, 05:47 AM

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We're seeking a web designer to redesign our website. Please send your offers via email to team [
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You can take a look at JanBask Digital Design's portfolio and if you like what you see, then you can connect with them through Email or Phone.
As it could help you to better explain your needs, and so they can also give you a proper quotation regarding the same.
Hope it helps.
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When is a site redesign necessary?
Redesign of the site can be carried out at will, without any time frame. But, on average, the life of the site in one version of the design is about 2-4 years.

Consider redesigning if

The project enters a new market and the target audience becomes wider. For instance, an online store expands its assortment and begins to sell products of a wider profile, and not just highly specialized products.
The sphere of activity is scaled, the list of services and the range of products of the company is growing. To add information about this, the completion of new pages is required, so the redesign service may be relevant.
There is a drop in traffic and conversions as a result of inconvenient functionality and outdated design. In our development studio, it is possible to attract an art director who will develop a design concept based on modern and current design trends.
The site is unfavorably different from competitors' sites, which leads to the loss of users and potential customers. In this case, upgrading the site can be a good solution.
Websites are often implemented at the start of a project without complex functionality and with a fairly simple design, which is quite justified at the market test stage. But over time, the company can grow and scale so that the old site no longer fits the overall brand concept and a new one is required.

In this situation, it is not necessary to develop another site from scratch, it is possible to use a redesign that is less resource-intensive.

Why do you need a website redesign?
High-quality modernization of the site will increase usability. This will help increase the amount of traffic and loyalty. Clear site navigation and a pleasant, up-to-date design are the most conducive to targeted actions.

In addition, the redesign of the site strengthens the position of the site in the search results and makes SEO promotion more effective. Adaptability (correct display of website pages on screens of different formats) of the site will be positively taken into account by search engines, making the site more visited.

The actual design of the website increases the credibility of the project or brand. That is why it is important to regularly update the design.

Types of redesign
The redesign could be

Visual or surface is a change in the design, color theme and appearance of the site. Suitable in cases where the old site is convenient, but the design is outdated and does not correspond to modern trends, reducing user traffic and user trust.
Functional: The goal is to add new features. This requires refinement and scaling of the structure. This usually happens when a project scales up and a significant increase in user traffic, which requires process automation. For instance, connecting a payment system.
Technical redesign is needed to eliminate errors, optimize page loading speed. It is an important stage, since technical malfunctions of the site directly affect the reduction in traffic and user loyalty to the service.

Conversion redesign - finding and eliminating the reasons for the fall in conversions and traffic. The reasons can be completely different: from irrelevant design to an inconvenient feedback form.
Complete redesign of the site: everything changes - from the structure to the content. It makes sense in situations where the site has not been updated for a very long time or the customer is not satisfied with the state of the site at the moment.

Several types of redesign can be involved in the redesign process at the same time. This is possible thanks to the presence of a team of specialists of different profiles. For instance, a developer may be implementing new features while a designer is creating a design concept. This allows you to reduce the time and cost of the redesign service, since in the IT field the cost is usually calculated based on the hours of work spent on achieving the result.

What is a site redesign?
As a rule, a redesign includes the following actions:

Changing user scripts;
Changing the style of visual elements, fonts, logos, etc.;
Content change: replacement of texts, images with better ones, removal of obsolete materials;
Changing the structure: adding new pages, navigation bars.