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Started by ipt, Jun 28, 2022, 12:16 PM

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Get a whmcs theme & whmcs template for your hosting business.
Modern and clean designs that will increase your sales!

A list of all our current themes:
LowEndHost – WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...endhost-whmcs/
Magna – WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...hosting-theme/
Zeus – WHMCS Dark Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...cs-dark-theme/
Odin – WHMCS Dark Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...cs-dark-theme/
Caesar – WHMCS Theme & Skin - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...cs-theme-skin/
UltraHost – Dark WHMCS Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...k-whmcs-theme/
UltraVPN – VPN & Proxy WHMCS Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...mcs-vpn-theme/
UltraGame – Game Hosting WHMCS Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...g-whmcs-theme/
UltraMC – Minecraft Hosting WHMCS Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/them...g-whmcs-theme/

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A list of all our whmcs themes is available here:


only WHMCS template? You don't have an email template to check?

Wiley Harding

damn, I'm generally shocked with this smarty, not a framework, but the devil. I found the answer to my question in the English branch, but immediately got a new one.
So there they write that you need to copy the order forms/chart folder from the styles directory to the designs folder, which actually does not give anything.
But it has the template we need. If you somehow change it, you might think that I didn't touch it, since there are no changes observed. But it is worth deleting the order forms folder as the page will immediately become empty .