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Started by kosmon, Jun 20, 2022, 02:59 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

We bought a new theme, and looking for a designer cum editor ggto change content and menu. Total 23 pages. Content from or or

Payment terms. Will pay in per 8pages. No full upfront or full milestone


Sounds like an interesting concept and something that is right up my alley of expertise.
I would be interested in helping you with your needs.
You can reach me on Trish(at)cislabs (dot)com or Skype - live:.cid.for a formal quotation.


I would like to assist you with this work.
Please get connected to discuss further.


I can help. My skills:
html + css, html5 + css3, jquery + jqueryUI + ajax - High level (mostly I do layout)
php + mvc + mysql + mysqli - Intermediate level
joomla + wordpress - High level

I know JavaScript at an intermediate level.

From php frameworks I made projects on CodeIgniter2. apropos, I forgot to say that I also know the CSS frameworks TwitterBootstrap and 960 Grid very well.