Are you investing / saving money?

Started by the_architect, Jul 19, 2022, 11:13 AM

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Internet projects (blogs, online stores).
This is one of the most interesting and promising options, where it is better to invest money  in order to receive money steadily.
And earlier the direction was very popular, but due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, it is the online format that will flourish.
generally, investments are similar to investments in a business — you support the development of a particular product, receive payments in the form of dividends. In the future, you can sell your share on more favorable terms.

Venture funds.
According to experts, this year we can expect exotic funds that work and are aimed at improving work processes, including in remote mode, optimizing traditional offline business.
The average profit starts from 8% per year, but it can be several times more. But the start from 25 thousand dollars — "bites".

Stock exchange-traded fund (ETF).
The method is in demand among depositors due to the fact that it allows, by investing small amounts, to become a co-shareholder of various companies, including giants.
For readers who are still thinking about where to invest money, starting from an average of $ 200-350 to receive a monthly income, this option will come in handy.

And, of course, you need to choose a reliable intermediary, study which funds work for a long time and pay steadily.
Where to invest money to earn a monthly income - 18 ways to invest money.
At the moment, gold is falling in price, silver is getting more expensive, but if you look at the dynamics for the entire period when valuable metals are traded on the market, we always have an exceptionally positive indicator.
If you do not want to buy for the purpose of further sale, you can store bullion in banks in depository cells and even open a deposit in metals.
So, today few banks offer such a service, but you can still find a couple.