Which is the most convenient way to accept payment? preferably anonymously

Started by judii, Aug 01, 2022, 11:23 AM

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Generally, the idea is this - maybe somebody knows how convenient it is to accept payments from customers as conveniently as possible?
something like: to give some kind of link, and the client will already choose a payment method convenient for him there, and then the money will fall to me in my   convenient wallet.

Are there such payment gateways? Ideally, at the same time, my data would not appear anywhere (do not think anything bad, just the service is a bit "gray", I'm not going to throw anybody).
So that I don't particularly see the data of clients. They'll probably want it too...


there are all sorts of acquirings  that take 20 percent of the payment for themselves, but allow you to trade anything.
Or do you need something more advanced?

If you have a white business, connect aggregators like Interkassa / Enot / Unitpay and many others. You can tinker with the integration of each payment system separately, but for a small business this is not desirable. If the business is gray - read the stencils on the walls, look at how the acceptance of payments is organized by drug dealers, do the same only smarter.


Well, with a gray business, I don't know what to do. Personally, I use unitpay. I can offer you to discount your bitcoin wallet to your clients and not worry. If necessary, find a way to pay


Personally, I use https://www.coinpayments.net (not advertising). In general, everything suits me, but the percentage of payment for goods with cryptocurrency is about 10% (people most often use paypal). And there are bitcoin mixers for anonymous withdrawal, I can't recommend a certain service here, but it really works.


No way.
Theoretically, it is possible to write on thesite "to pay for the order, transfer money to the card number nnnnn nnnnn...". But seeing such an inscription on the web site, I would immediately jump out of there, despite any attractive prices.
Because this is the first sign of fraudsters. Having transferred money to the card, I practically rely solely on your word of honor that you will not find and still deliver the goods.
If not, I have no way to return the money, because from the point of view of the law, there was no purchase and sale. I gave you money, you gave me a lot of money (or you didn't give it to me).

From the point of view of the bank, as soon as transfers from different places start coming to your account, the bank will immediately lock up your card and will be interested in where the firewood comes from.