Best payment system. Who uses what and why?

Started by gstarspas, Aug 23, 2022, 10:23 AM

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Which payment system do you use most often?

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Perfect Money
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gstarspasTopic starter

Let's discuss which payment systems are currently relevant and more often used on your sites?
I made a poll - you can sort of choose several options, but I still recommend that you indicate the payment method that you most often use
If I missed some popular payments, I ask the moderators to correct it.


Once I got confused and transferred small amounts to WMG every month. I got tired of it after a year or so and moved it back. Probably stupid, maybe the rate jumped a bit. generally, the rate is always growing, but for a very long time - for years. What if something happens to the system by then? So I transferred them back and cashed out)
Generally, I use, as they say, any payment system, if you need to accept money from somebody. There are money changers, I can accept anything on them, they send me already in the one I need.
I usually use paypal and payoneer at work. Both are convenient, but mostly customers love paypal (probably because the bulk are from the USA).