Best payment system. Who uses what and why?

Started by gstarspas, Aug 23, 2022, 10:23 AM

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Which payment system do you use most often?

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Perfect Money
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gstarspasTopic starter

Let's discuss which payment systems are currently relevant and more often used on your sites?
I made a poll - you can sort of choose several options, but I still recommend that you indicate the payment method that you most often use
If I missed some popular payments, I ask the moderators to correct it.


Once I got confused and transferred small amounts to WMG every month. I got tired of it after a year or so and moved it back. Probably stupid, maybe the rate jumped a bit. generally, the rate is always growing, but for a very long time - for years. What if something happens to the system by then? So I transferred them back and cashed out)
Generally, I use, as they say, any payment system, if you need to accept money from somebody. There are money changers, I can accept anything on them, they send me already in the one I need.
I usually use paypal and payoneer at work. Both are convenient, but mostly customers love paypal (probably because the bulk are from the USA).


American Express has an interesting Membership Rewards bonus program – for every dollar spent, you get points that can be converted into money or spent on services.

Diners Club is a kind of club cards. Such plastic will be indispensable for people making frequent trips to other countries of the world.
The exclusive services of the system include various types of insurance, business travel programs, discounts on goods and services (transport, hotels, restaurants, car rental), access to VIP lounges at the largest airports in the world, etc.


The question is certainly interesting, but incorrect. Which is better chicken or fish. Depends on the type of wine we drink. So with payment systems, everything is based on tastes, priorities and preferences.
Some people like PayPal for its affordability, but I don't like the almost 15% commission. Personally, I work with Payeer and they did not disappoint me.


Good day to all! Since I am from Ukraine and the situation is extremely difficult, I prefer to use the internal banks of Ukraine. What can I say about other payment systems, I used WebMoney and Easy Pay. Pretty good systems. With a commission a little tight, sometimes it really is high. In general, it is convenient and simple. If you work in the field of currency exchange, then of course I would not recommend these systems, now more and more new ones are being opened with a lower percentage, but as you know, this is still) ;D


I prefer to use paypal for me it is the most convenient web wallet. I also used WebMoney, but switched to paypal due to a large commission on webmoney. Of course, PayPal is the most semi-purple wallet, and this is again confirmed by the survey.