ePayments - virtual IBANs, receiving payments from Sedo and other services

Started by RoyJones, Jul 27, 2022, 01:29 AM

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ePayments offers you easy way to receive funds from Sedo and other popular domain auctions. Withdraw funds via SEPA transfer - this is a transfer within a single euro payment area on the territory of 35 European countries. Such payments are faster and more effective than conventional international bank transfers.

How it works:
1. You register at ePayments and pass verification.
2. We give you a virtual IBAN (individual bank account number in Euro format).
3. You order a bank transfer from the auction and indicate the received IBAN.
4. The funds go to the ePayments wallet during the day.
5. You display them in a way suitable for you.

— Receive money without commission
— Translation time — 1 working day
— Withdrawal of money to a bank account or card, wallets of other payment systems or to cash using an ePayments prepaid Mastercard.


Are payments from 3rd parties authorized ? Can an account with different details be opened for one person? Who is the recipient of the payment - ePayments or the person for whom the account is opened?

How is crediting carried out if it is not possible to indicate a special note in the payment?


For more than 4 years I have been using the epayments system, which consists of a wallet and a payment card. In this topic I will tell you how convenient it is to use the card, how to replenish the wallet, whether epayments works with cryptocurrency and how. The main purpose of the article is to tell in detail about the system and leave your feedback.

2022. ePayments has come to life and returns the money!
Yes, users have started receiving emails asking them to provide additional documents, after which their wallets are unblocked for withdrawal of money. Important: you can withdraw funds using this method once, i.e. you will not be able to send funds to the same bank account twice.
February seems to have signed the epayments verdict. All users of the system have not just frozen wallets, but also cards and all funds. The fact is that the British regulator FCA had questions about epayments, and it was decided to suspend the activities of the office until all legal problems were resolved. You cannot withdraw funds from your accounts. It is also impossible to withdraw from the card.

It is not clear how long the proceedings will take. Someone is talking about a few days or weeks, but, in my opinion, this is too optimistic.
Most likely, you will have to wait a few months. But there is also good news. Epayments has an FCA license, which means that all the money is safe. Even if the FCA decides to close epayments, the money will be refunded to users. The only question is when it will be and what additional papers will need to be provided to confirm that the money in the accounts is honestly earned, and all taxes have been paid.