How can I accept payments from US users?

Started by maxikk, Jul 25, 2022, 02:18 AM

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maxikkTopic starter

I plan to provide some services for US webmasters. What is the best and most effective way to accept payment from them?
As far as I understand, the most usual option is PayPal. But in my country, payment on PayPal cannot be accepted.

What do you advise? Who has such experience? which payment systems do you use?


Try the 2Checkout service. I didn't use it myself, but I read that it seems to accept payments from a bunch of systems and allows you to withdraw to a card.

I would also look towards payment acceptance services, such as Wayforpay, Fondy, Interkassa, etc.
There you can issue a virtual invoice to pay a specified amount to a specific customer with a card via the Internet (and other means, even bitcoins in many). The service takes over from the client with what he pays, and displays you on the card.


Enabling international online payments
PayPal is a very popular payment system in the USA, so its connection was taken up first.
You need to understand that PayPal is a self-contained system that, anywhere in the world and with any contractor, is itself a guarantee that the user's payment data and funds will remain intact. It remains only to connect it technically correctly, which in general is an understandable task.
With bank cards, on the contrary, everything is not quite clear. As a result, we are faced with the choice of a service for the safe acceptance of payment by bank card. It was necessary to choose a service that:

it would allow accepting payments online from bank cards of users around the world;
who would be trusted (at least theoretically) by a wide cross-country group of users;
which would work with Russian legal entities (yes, this also complicates the task).
As part of paragraph 2, all services provided by Russian banks immediately fell off.

The next candidate quite logically became Stripe. Stripe is now, apparently, the most popular service for accepting online payments from bank cards. Our team started trying to connect it. And here there were problems related to the criterion from point 3, because when activating the account, Russia is not in the list of countries that can connect:

When trying to register an account by choosing another country, for example, the USA, it turned out that it was necessary to confirm a phone number, a bank account opened in the USA, as well as a federal tax identification number (Employer Identification Number - EIN).
After studying the information on the Internet, official instructions and communicating with support, it became clear that it would not work to connect Stripe.

As a result, the deadlines are burning, the service is already ready to work, and online payment is not connected..
And here they dug up the 2checkout service. Judging by the reviews, it was possible to work with him from a Russian legal entity (there are some subtleties, but still), the service is quite well-known, has been working on the market for a long time, with a good amount of attracted investments and other excellent indicators so that users from target countries can trust .