Where to accept bitcoin for a beginner

Started by ElizabethParker, Oct 17, 2022, 05:10 AM

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ElizabethParkerTopic starter

Where to accept bitcoin for a beginner, so that there is a minimum loss on commissions (input-output), it was easy to install (register) and convenient to use. Where to register a wallet ? Not that there are many options, a bunch of websites (exchanges), a hardware wallet, programs like Electrum, etc., etc., I can't figure it out and choose.
 can I install something on a USB flash drive, computer or phone? Will it take up a lot of space ? I would not like to overpay for transfers during the exchange of crypts for money.
Exchanges this is understandable, if I want to buy other scripts or start trading, then I will register on exchanges, most likely binance.


binance.com - this is an exchange, but it is simple and clear to use .

Any platform created for use in a wide segment is simplified as much as possible so that any fool can use it without understanding.
Exodus succeeded in this and created a really simple tool. As for security, of course this is not the safest wallet, I understand what you are talking about, but if you are not going to twist millions, then I think there is nothing to be afraid of, everyone will not care about you) Well, if, on principle, you want to be as safe as possible, then in this case the word 'Beginner' will no longer work, you will need a little bit of knowledge.

Cryptos are easy and convenient to store on any major exchange, this is a fairly reliable option, plus you can always convert bitcoin into another currency. If you need to store funds without registration, you can try the so-called wallet, but it's worth paying attention to the fact that the application often opens only from one device, unlike the exchange, where you will have access from any device.