How long can I keep the AdSense checks?

Started by hieronymusf01, Aug 05, 2022, 01:45 AM

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hieronymusf01Topic starter

Really, the question is in the title of topic.
If, for example, I received an AdSense check, how long can it be kept non-cashed and are there any restrictions on the period for cashing out?


Probably 3 months, but I don't remember exactly. If the check will not be cashed, the money will be returned to the balance in AdSense. What's the problem with cashing it out?
I cash out through an online services, all I need is an endorsement, a scanned copy of a check and a passport.

Some time ago one of my checks was lying around for more than 6 months .. As a result, I went into the AdSense itself and applied for resending the check, it is important that you have SWIFT as a payment. And I didn't have to cash the check, it was sent to private with a swift.