How to buy a cryptocurrency?

Started by seocyrusjpr, Jul 19, 2022, 02:39 AM

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seocyrusjprTopic starter


I want to buy several types of cryptocurrency. But I don't know where to buy them.
Can someone help with advice on how and where to buy crypto?

Found a project like
A wallet that allows you to exchange between currencies. Has anyone tried it?


Am I going in the right direction? :)

As for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, I use a wallet from Webmoney. It is very convenient to exchange and cash out.

What are the good and trusted resources for buying various cryptocurrencies?

Novel Web Solution

The easiest way to buy through the exchange services.
There you can immediately see what the sales turnover is, what is the rate for the cryptocurrency that you are interested in.

You can also use the multi-currency light wallet with a built-in shapeshift exchanger.
Thus, you may easily buy the desired cryptocurrency directly from your wallet at the current rate.
Supports: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

nikola Kras

There are various ways to invest in digital assets.

The first and easiest of them is through crypto exchanges. To do this, it is enough to create an account on them and transfer money to it. It is worth remembering that a commission is charged for depositing funds, which on average can be 3-5%.

Another way to buy cryptocurrency is through an exchanger. There you can buy bitcoin and other digital assets using bank cards, electronic payment systems, and even cash.

Often, commissions in exchangers are lower than on crypto exchanges, and average 1-3%. However, then you will still need to create an account on a crypto exchange or a crypto wallet in order to store the purchased coins. ;D


It is better to buy cryptocurrency on the most popular exchanges in the world, where you can also trade currency like stocks. They have their own personal wallets, but they are not a stronghold of security. Ideally, buy an external flash drive wallet that is not hаckable, but I use the wallet on the website for my needs


Personally, I use two ways to buy cryptocurrencies.
1. I buy with a credit card on Moonpay ( ) It's simple enough, but I can't place a buy or sell order. You will have to buy only at the current rate.
2. I use p2p trading on exchanges. I like this option more, because all the functions of spot trading open up in front of me


P2P exchangers
One of the easiest ways is P2P exchangers, such as LocalBitcoins.
Ads for buying or selling cryptocurrencies are placed there. You can choose an option with a suitable course for yourself and conduct an exchange. That is a quick way to exchange digital money for fiat and vice versa.
It should be remembered that in this case there is a possibility of canceling the bank transfer, so there is a risk of losing your bitcoins or altcoins. Therefore, it is better to use services with escrow accounts (they hold funds until the transaction passes).

To withdraw funds on the same LocalBitcoins, you will need to go through the verification process, so you can not count on anonymity. The platform will require passport data and other personal information.

Another option is centralized exchanges. There are also KYC and AML procedures there. However, the transaction is likely to take place immediately if there are no liquidity problems on the site. It is better to choose large and proven platforms.
You should not use the exchange to store your own funds. It is better to immediately withdraw them to third-party services, ideally, if we are talking about cryptocurrency, to hardware wallets (they are considered the safest in this area).
In addition to hаcker hаcks that threaten large trading platforms, problems may arise within the company, after which customers may lose access to their account.

Cryptocurrency Wallets
In many cryptocurrency wallets, you can buy and withdraw funds. However, the commissions for such operations will be impressive, so if you want to "slow down" bitcoin a little, and then sell it in the same way, the earnings may literally be eaten up by the fees of website. In addition, many large wallets, such as, for example, , are asked to go through the verification procedure.

There are various services that offer to buy or sell cryptocurrency directly in the mobile application. Each service has its own transaction fees, they need to be taken into account when buying and selling digital assets. However, it is better to choose the most reliable and proven option and overpay a little than to try to save and lose everything.

Private exchangers
The simplest and most understandable, but at the same time the most dangerous way is to exchange funds in person at a private exchanger.
Such services are offered in Moscow and other major cities, but there is always a possibility of being deceived by unscrupulous buyers/sellers. Often in such services, the rate of digital assets for purchase is greatly underestimated, and for sale is significantly overestimated. Unlike P2P platforms, here you will not be able to choose the asset price that is closest to the average market price.