How to travel with cryptocurrency?

Started by sanjana, Jul 30, 2022, 01:48 AM

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Those who get bitcoins sometimes think about where and how to spend them correctly. With cryptocurrency, you can go to a hardware store, clothing store, have lunch in a café or restaurant. But what do you say to the offer to travel by cryptocurrency?

The modern world is not yet ready for the full adoption of cryptocurrencies, since the corresponding infrastructure is not developed. However, you can buy plane tickets and book a hotel for bitcoin or ether today. In the crypto world, there is even a concept of "digital nomads" – these are travelers who strive to exclude fiat and exchangers from use to the maximum. We will try to answer a very interesting question: is it possible to travel around the world for bitcoins?

You can really travel without cash and credit cards, you just need to think over your route and expenses in detail. First, book plane tickets.

Go to the "Travelforcoins" website and choose offers from hotels and air carriers. The work on the site is arranged in such a way that you pay the service in bitcoins, and it, in turn, pays for the services and the flight from you with ordinary money. Another solution for searching and booking airline tickets is "Cheapair".

For users who know English well: the Bitcoin.Travel website has been operating since 2011 and collects information about all possible travel services that allow you to buy tickets for cryptocurrency. Below we offer our brief overview of services for buying air tickets and booking hotels.

 "Abitsky" is a site for buying air tickets, hotel reservations and ordering cars.  On the site, booking takes an average of three minutes. As a bonus, there is a section with "hot" offers.

If you are planning a visit to Jamaica, you have the opportunity to book a villa using the "Islandvillasjamaica" solution. This simple and at the same time popular site accepts, in addition to the main cryptocurrency, litecoins and dogecoins. Another convenient solution is ordering a transfer from the airport to the villa.

The "9flats" service works in a similar way to Airbnb.

 And finally, "Cheapbizclass". This is not just a cryptocurrency booking service, but an opportunity to travel in business class for good money. There is a bonus program for new users.

By the way, the well-known network of hotels and motels Howard Johnson is present in almost every tourist city and accepts bitcoins for payment.

You can also contact a travel agency that accepts virtual currency. You will save time searching for accommodation and tickets. And yet, you won't be able to do without cash at all if you plan to visit the local market or small shops, such as souvenirs.

Before starting your trip, google the phrase "We accept bitcoin" for the country you are going to visit. You can find out about points that accept cryptocurrency for payment on the website "".

Summarize. Paying for travel by cryptocurrency is quite realistic if you think over and calculate all expenses in advance. It may not be possible to travel around the world, but all popular tourist locations and hotels are at your service!


given the current boom around bitcoin, it will soon be accepted almost anywhere.
if usual money becomes uninteresting, and bitcoins are in great demand, then prices will be set in bitcoins.. Probably ..


Not really about travel, but I can say that in some areas, in particular money transfers, Bitcoin has become simply an indispensable tool.
People live in the military zone in Donbas and they are in dire need of help. Volunteers work there every day risking their lives. And for a long time there was such a situation that no one can transfer any currency except crypto to that area - only BITCOIN! So, cryptocurrency is already saving human lives...


I know there are a couple of restaurants in the United States that accept payment in cryptocurrency, namely Ethereum. I also want to note the desire of brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga - the introduction of the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency is a smart step into the future


Traveling around the world with cryptocurrency is a reality today. In addition, if you pay with bitcoin or other NFT during the trip, you get a number of advantages.

Travel the world with cryptocurrency
Many travelers have been able to see from their own experience that the rejection of payments in fiat currency in favor of digital money has its benefits.

Which ones exactly?

An opportunity to save money. It is no secret that when exchanging fiat money for local ones, "extortionate" amounts are charged from travelers. The course is usually very unprofitable.
When using bitcoin or any other digital coin, money can be withdrawn from an ATM, where it can be simultaneously converted into US dollars, euros, pounds and other coins. Such mobile exchangers are found everywhere in America, including gas stations. However, we must remember that in China, Vietnam, Nepal and Bolivia, the use of cryptocurrencies is prohibited.
Unlike cash, the cryptocurrency on your card cannot be stolen by lovers of easy money. Believe me, scammers are not asleep, they are in all countries.
Today there are several travel agencies designed only for bitcoin payments, such as BTCTrip and ABitSky.

Proper use of Cryptocurrency in Travel
In order for the journey with cryptocurrency to be comfortable, it is necessary to prepare beforehand. Learn how to use digital money correctly.

First, you need to check on the Coinbase or Binance exchanges how the cryptocurrency you have chosen works. If you are a registered PayPal user, then here you can find out information about digital money and choose the most profitable type of cryptocurrency for yourself.
You can use a credit card to exchange and receive cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the amount of commissions will be small. The transaction fee is significantly less than the commission for an international money transfer.

Of course, there are countries where cards are not accepted. And the local fiat currency is the only chance to buy the necessary goods. In this case, you can use BTM ATMs. With their help, you can transfer bitcoins to fiat.
According to CoinATMRadar, there are 1,923 VTMS in 59 countries around the world. To find VTM, you need to go to the website and use the map to find the ATM nearest to you.


In my city in Bulgaria a few years ago it was difficult to find a Bitcoin payment service. Now there are Bitcoin ATMs, many sites have the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. Everything is dynamically moving away from fiat assets. The war in Ukraine showed the instability of classical currencies. Travelers lost a lot on the exchange rate. The winners were the owners of the cryptocurrency.