Is there any good mobile apps for crypto?

Started by SofProko, Aug 24, 2022, 02:35 PM

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SofProkoTopic starter

I haven't been in the world of cryptocurrencies for so long, I already know which cryptocurrency to invest in and I follow the cryptocurrency exchange rate and recently I have got some spare money so I thought that I can invest it now.
Unfortunately, I don't have an access to a computer most of the time because of my job, and I thought about using a mobile application, it's more convenient and.
However, it seems to me that today there are a lot of scams on the topic of cryptocurrency, people create apps and then steal your account info (something like this happened to my cousin, although it did nothing with investing). Plus, I would like to teach cryptocurrency operations to my parents, and they have some vision problems so I believe it would be clearer and easier in the application.
Yes, it probably sounds unusual, but my parents are quite modern  ;D .
What can you advise for a safe app? :D



Most often I use a Trust wallet to store my crypto assets. This wallet is decentralized, and the safety of assets is provided by the seed phrase. There are also many blockchain networks in the application (erc20, near, matic, dot etc).