What crypto-coin to pay attention to?

Started by moonlife447, Jul 18, 2022, 11:07 AM

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Recently, against the background of the crypto fall, I became interested .. why would I buy it)
Who has any thoughts? What is a promising coin to make a lot of money?
I'd love to hear any opinion, thanks.


In Litecoin! A coin with great prospects, there is a massive addition of lite coin as a means of payment by many services. This is a cryptocurrency that is actually used for payments on the web.

1. The principle of putting all eggs in one basket is obviously a failure.
2. Choosing a coin for the future on the forum - a pure cаsino
3. Want to increase the chance of hitting a shooting coin? Divide your deposit by the number of coins and buy everything. Sooner or later something will go off. But then the next question will arise before you - at what point do you leave?


The most promising cryptocurrencies for 2022
Place No. 1 — Cardano (ADA)
Place #2 — Ethereum (ETH)
Place No. 3 — Neo (NEO)
Place No. 4 — Stellar (XLM)
Place No. 5 — TRON (TRX)


In theory, now the most promising coin is bitcoin. He fell but promised to return to his limits and even jump over them. Bitcoin fell, the whole market fell.


Your post question is still relevant, because the current bear market is one of the longest in history. As practice shows, after such drawdowns, there is a slight correction and growth. But be careful with altcoins/new coins. Many non-strengthened coins may simply not survive the crypto winter, choose something as stable as possible.


The most promising tokens:
· Uniswap (UNI) (Ethereum)
· Chainlink (LINK) (Ethereum)
· FTX Token (FTT)
· Aave (AAVE)
· The Graph (GRT)
· DAO Maker (DAO)
· Thorchain

We have already answered the question: "is it worth investing in cryptocurrency?". And our answer is positive. Now it's worth figuring out which digital assets it is better to invest your money in, including for a long-term period.
You need to invest in the electronic currency that meets your needs, needs and based on what you plan to get from it. Of course, it should be a cryptocurrency, in the prospects of which you do not doubt.

First of all, cryptocurrencies should be fairly simple and understandable, and the mechanisms for exchanging and withdrawing funds should not be resource-intensive, that is, they should not take a lot of time.
That means that the project should be not only promising, but also with the introduction of unique technologies and innovative solutions. A project that gives or will give good earning opportunities in the near future.
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