Cryptocurrencies have Changed the World

Started by curaqua, Sep 05, 2022, 12:53 AM

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Every year, skeptics claim that cryptocurrencies will soon be forgotten, and every year the opposite happens: even in times of crisis, the industry is increasingly popularized and enters our daily lives.

Today we will share our opinion on how Bitcoin and leading altcoins have changed the world.

How Bitcoin entered our lives
A brief history of cryptocurrencies is known to many: the first of them was Bitcoin, launched in 2009 by one or more programmers.
The identity of the author remains under the veil of secrecy to that day, despite attempts by journalists and the public to clarify this issue.

For the first couple of years, the project was known in fairly narrow circles, but even then it had a significant impact: inspired by the idea of anonymous electronic payments, developers began to create similar systems.

In 2011 Litecoin appeared on the market, in 2012 – Ripple, in 2015 Butlerin launched Ethereum: each of the startups had a new concept and technical differences from the ideological mastermind.

Gradually, digital currencies became an investment tool: the first exchanges started working.

The market is at its peak

In 2014-2015, cryptocurrencies began to penetrate the masses: gradually, ordinary people found out about them. The historical peak of the value of Bitcoin and numerous altcoins occurred at the end of 2017 – then one coin of the BTC was estimated at $ 20 thousand.

Then streams of freshly minted investors rushed into the industry, seduced by the prospect of big earnings. Some experts suggest that it was the crazy demand and inexperience of traders that led to the collapse of the market.
At some point, Bitcoin went downhill, overcame the psychological mark, reaching a critical value of $3,200 per coin.


Speaking about the contribution of cryptocurrencies to the history of mankind, it is impossible not to mention the blockchain: that technology, first used in Bitcoin, really changed the world.

Blockchain is a system of accounting and distribution in which data blocks form a sequential chain open to study, but closed to changes.

This technology is quite versatile: it can simplify and secure the storage and transmission of data in logistics, lending, insurance, medicine and social benefits. Now the blockchain is used by large companies:





    Samsung and others.

Legislative status and use

When the popularity of digital assets increased many times, they became a tool for investment and trade, financial institutions stopped ignoring that phenomenon and began developing an optimal legislative framework for its regulation. For instance, in the United States, cryptocurrencies are a completely legal financial instrument.

Today, blockchain and assets are used not only by large companies: they are popularized in our daily lives. You can pay for goods and services using tokens in the catering (KFC, Subway), entertainment industry (Microsoft, PlayStation Network).

This is so widespread that some manufacturers of equipment (HTC, Samsung) have released smartphones with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

What will happen next

Cryptocurrencies continue to keep the brand: it is assumed that that year will be quite productive for them. Despite the unstable political and economic situation, Bitcoin has every chance to reach a new historical maximum - that opinion, in particular, was expressed by the well-known digital investor Cryptowolf.


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There is a simple economic formula - Commodity-Money -Commodity..
At the dawn of human development, there was the most reliable natural commodity exchange from inflation and risks, that is, producers exchanged goods...Then they started to inject money and it was right...But what is happening now in the commodity-money system can often simply be called economic "fraud", since the very essence of commodity-money relations is perverted..

Additional supposedly "equivalents" of money began to be introduced, but in fact unsecured pieces of paper and virtual banknotes..
Stock markets, stock trading, futures (intentions) and so on...Now a cryptocurrency has been introduced, compared to which the Mavrodi pyramid MMM is just resting...The trouble is that the global financial market has been captured by cynical, unscrupulous financial speculators, traders of "air"..
If we were to make an inventory of all the world's monetary reserves now, many would see that real money backed up by goods and other collateral (gold and other precious metals) from the total mass is just a meager percentage, the rest is "air"..


Quote from: EJASNathan on Nov 02, 2022, 05:51 AMIf we were to make an inventory of all the world's monetary reserves now, many would see that real money backed up by goods and other collateral (gold and other precious metals) from the total mass is just a meager percentage, the rest is "air"..
Naturally, the dollar itself has long been printed "on credit". This currency, excuse me, the credit bubble is still holding on only due to global world upheavals, wars and conflicts. In principle, no cryptocurrency would be allowed to legally exist if the world's main green currency (or even the Euro) was backed by gold. Gaddafi was killed precisely because of this - he wanted to introduce a "golden dinar", thus jeopardizing this entire unnatural banking system "on credit." :-X