Share your opinions and thoughts about promising cheap coins

Started by michellemoris, Dec 14, 2022, 04:07 AM

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In principle, everything is in the description of the topic: Share opinions and thoughts about promising cheap coins.
It would be interesting to know the opinion of who is buying what in the crypt in terms of the possible multiple growth of any coin.
Surely now there are those that can be taken for pennies, and in the future, perhaps some of the coins will shoot 1000 times.


It is better not to go into the crypt if you collect such information on the Internet and make far-reaching conclusions based on such information.
There is a very good alternative for investment:
1. deposits,
2. stocks (stock market),
3. real estate

Well, and the one who understands what, how and where to look at the crypt and how everything works, believe me, these 4 points have long been completely uninteresting.


Look at the coinmarketcap or coingeco, there are sections like Trending, Biggest Gainers, Recently Added.
And so if Prof. advice on coins for a long-term loan or a pump, then it is usually given for a fee, no one will write so simply.
The prospect of buying a cheap coin, in my opinion, of course there is. By spending a little, you can make good money. Well, if you still do not earn, then you will not spend so much. There is no earnings without risk.

Maybe everyone will stop using Ethereum and switch to a new coin. And this is very difficult and unlikely, I think. And ether still prevails in defi.
Although ether transactions are certainly expensive, yes, there are cheaper networks - well, the ether team, I think, is working on this.