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Started by ACKET, Jul 15, 2022, 02:34 AM

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To throw in several thousand domains and get if they are free . Interested also traffic, number of links, blocklists and basic indexes.

I downloaded Netpeak Checker. And now he wants anti-captcha or proxy.


You can try checktrast. Thousand checks will cost $5, there are also other tariffs.
I use it for basic verification of donors, the service is still good, although there was more data before.


I have been using Deltahost services for quite some time now. Its functions are quite convenient, I am completely satisfied with everything. I analyze my costs and can conclude that it is profitable. Therefore, I can recommend it.


In which domain zones it is looking for: common top-level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .name.).
Features: You can send a message about data inaccuracy.
Cost: free of charge.

A tool from the database regulator to simplify WHOIS search. The service allows you to view any publicly available information related to a domain name for free.

During the search, data is received from registry operators or registrars in real time. ICANN LOOKUP displays only data received from accredited registrars. It should be borne in mind that ICANN sets registration rules only for international domains (gTLDs).

Registration rules for national domains (ccTLDs) may be established by the authorities or registrars of the respective countries. Therefore, the database may lack data on some national domains. Example: .rf, .kaz, .by. and others.

WHOIS records on the ICANN site are easy to interpret. The data is presented in sections: about the domain, about the registrar, about DNSSEC, about authoritative servers (the server responsible for any zone). The table on the service's website helps to understand the interpretation of search results. It specifies what exactly this or that field means.

Features: availability of a feedback form with web site administrator.
Cost: free of charge.

WHOIS+ shows the status of the domain, the start and end date of registration, the names of DNS servers, the domain name  administrator data, the exact name and IIN of the domain administrator company in English, information about the presence of registered trademarks of the domain administrator, data about the domain registrar.

If the administrator is an individual, the information about him is hidden in accordance with the Law on Personal Data.

For each field in the results table, an explanation of what exactly the information means is attached.

Example of WHOIS verification results
An example of the results of the WHOIS
WHOIS+ check allows you to contact the domain administrator. To do this, there is a link to the feedback form in the results table.

Viewing WHOIS is most often necessary when searching for a free domain to find out whether the domain of interest is occupied or not. But there are other situations when you need to check WHOIS:

find out the age of web site or the expiration date of the domain registration;
contact the owner to outbid the domain;
file a complaint against the site owner;
collect statistics about a competitor's resource;
identify a one-day site or a fraudulent resource.
Databases that use WHOIS services are:

Centralized. In this case, the service has a complete database and is able to respond to requests concerning almost all registrars.
The WHOIS service does not have a complete database and requests information from the WHOIS services of the respective registrars.
When using a distributed architecture, registrars can include arbitrary customer information in records. The WHOIS protocol does not distinguish between centralized and distributed models. Therefore, it is advisable to view domain name data using several services.