Started by HarshMehra, Aug 17, 2022, 01:05 AM

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Please rate the domain name.
For comparison: domain - $130,000 from the registrar, renewal - the same.
They offered me $ 100 for it, but that is practically the price of a registration, there was no point in selling it for such a price, and it was not even in my thoughts.
threw the domain for evaluation to different places, forums, etc. -everything related to domain names


A domain name costs exactly as much as you are willing to pay for it. But I agree, without a project, its price is a maximum of 100 bucks. There are a lot of new zones and it is difficult to sell something, unless there is someone who needs that particular domain name. is a top domain because it is clear what it is for. is not a top domain, despite the key.


I had to work with this domain name. There were no problems with him. He has good scores. They offered you a price for it that is quite adequate, although it can be more expensive.