Started by Movut, Jun 21, 2022, 04:09 AM

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Elpaso is a city in the Us .
the keyword "El Paso Roofing Contractors" has a monthly search volume of 100-1000 with a cost per click up to 20$.

Comparable domains sold:
dallasroofingcontractors.com Sold for $2488
sanantonioroofingcontractors.comSold for $999
denverroofingcontractors.com Sold for $688

Goddady Appraisal : $581
How do you find this domain name , and what's the minimum price for it ?


Mid tier city. Not really comparable to Dallas, Denver, or San Antonio.

I could see getting a few thousand from an end user if it was just "ElPasoRoofing".

As is, it is a tough sale. I bet if I scanned similar cities some would be available to hand reg.




You need to communicate directly with stakeholders. If possible, you can sell up to 10 thousand dollars.
Otherwise, 50 bucks.