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Started by Zora2012, Jul 13, 2022, 10:31 AM

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How is estibot wound up?
I look at namejet domains in one word or even in 2 of special value, which are not of particular value, are valued by the estibot in large sums. - $3,719 USD - $1,400 USD - $7,498 USD
Moreover, some of my one-word dictionary domains are not evaluated by him even in 1000.

Or, for example, I was going to buy the domain for a long time, which literally means "sporting goods" - buy half a year ago. Then it was estimated by the estibot at 620 USD. While I thought it was bought. Now the same domain is valued at $2,100 USD.
 How did its value increase by 3.5 times? What could its current owner do for this ..?

How it's done?


From my experience, the buyer has never paid attention to these virtual estimates.
And if I refer to some services, he writes: "I don't care about these and similar ones". These services are only interesting for sellers to try to throw dust in the eyes of buyers or to amuse their internal ego.
Moreover, I noticed more than once on the estibot - what he evaluates badly, sometimes sells well. And vice versa.

And how they calculate their numbers - so they write, read carefully the info on the evaluation page.
They focus on similar recent sales, competitiveness, advertising bid prices, etc. But this is often like a finger to the sky.
Just one character - and already a completely different domain.


From myself, I can say that both are complete nonsense. These figures cannot be relied on either when buying or selling. These websites are more for entertainment and self-gratification.
Don't throw money away.
And  the End users don't take such assessments seriously. But some domainers want to believe in them. If the Estibot bought domain names (at least in some%% ratio of their valuation price), then its valuation would make sense. And so only to amuse the domainer's self-esteem.