4.exchange - domain name for the exchanger

Started by kaufenpreis, Jul 31, 2022, 11:42 PM

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kaufenpreisTopic starter

To comparison, 1.exchange is on sale for $350k
I would like to hear your estimation


Well, my logic would be like that, if I want to make an exchanger, then I would buy with the number 1,
I would not buy with the number 4. But this is my opinion, so it is difficult to assess whether the renewal will probably cost $$ a year? 9.exchange sell for 100k dollars. So decide. I think the end is hard to find, and for outbids from 5 to 10k dollars.

Sold to Bulgarian at sedo, sold (exotic key for exchanger in .sc) but got low xхxx $


Good name 4.exchange. Like "for exchange"
If anyone needs it, they can pay from a thousand to five thousand dollars.