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Good day, friends!
The question in general is probably not new and somewhere on the forum there is a similar topic.
Unfortunately, I didn't find one :(

Actually, I'm interested in auctions (or just sites for domains sale)
without complicating verifications and certifications and without any participation fees.

If there are none in nature, then please post a list of sites,
 the top of the 10-15 known ones.

I hope the question is clear, and I will get competent answers.
Thank you!

ruschan (placement is duplicated on



The most common sites for buying domains

GoDaddy is one of the largest auction web sites. – Accredited by ICANN for domain registration. You can also arrange auctions. – a simple and proven service, which, however, will require additional rechecking of drops. – allows you to find both ancient and recent sites, choose the best option from possible. – allows you to buy a high-quality and expensive drop in a fold, on which each of the participants of the joint purchase places their link.
The main advantage of web sites is the flow of visitors and the guarantee of the transaction.
Accordingly, the chances of a profitable purchase increase. One of the disadvantages is the commission that must be paid to the domain name exchange.
Redemption from the owner
Another option to purchase domains is to buy them out. For instance, owners are looking for information on how to sell a domain, and register at a domain auction. If it suits you, you can buy it.

The next step is re–registration.

That's why it's convenient to buy through domain exchanges. The exchange acts as the guarantor of the operation. After making a legal payment, she transfers the domain name to a new user and performs reissues.
Pending Domain Orders
Domain exchanges have deferred order services. What's it?

After the registration period expires and the grace period ends, the domain name  becomes free and available for registration. But most of them are not released by the registry immediately.
When ordering such a service, the registrar will try to re-register the domain name first, as soon as it becomes a drop.