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Started by RZA2008, Sep 08, 2022, 10:14 AM

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Tell me who sold there, how it works..
200 yuan is the minimum.. as I understood =$30
how and where is payment possible if somebody buys a domain name from me, I just found that PP does not work.

how long does it take to check domain names?
how to choose a payment method in your account- if they buy it and which bank accepts Yuan.


I sold a domain name there a year ago. I received money in the bank, in dollars. If it's only yuan now, take yuan as a diversification of savings.
As for the "strange" domain names, yes. For them, some numbers are consonant with certain concepts. A set of numbers that doesn't make any sense to us, can look beautiful to a Chinese, like:
53550 - wo xiang wen wen ni - I want to kiss you
77543 -cai cai wo shi shei - Guess Who I am

The Chinese have problems with English, so "everywhere" only the most advanced Chinese domainers or spammers who send requests en masse to email. On there may be Chinese end users. Some in their purchase offer leave their QQ (such as ICQ Chinese), where you can agree with them to make a deal through , on which a small% for escrow service.