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Started by DenPavlov, Aug 25, 2022, 06:15 AM

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DenPavlovTopic starter

Gentlemen, tell the teapot in the context of this topic about how the process of selling a domain on the website from GD takes place. Step by step, if possible. From and to.
I think it would be useful not only for me.

Many thanks to everyone who has signed up.
Maybe there is someone who has a list of Chinese domain investors to throw offers directly without commissions.


everything is very simple. When putting a domain name up for auction, you need to specify the method of withdrawing money in the settings (card, PayPal, etc.).
That is if the domain is with another registrar, and if it is with GD, then nothing needs to be done at all. After the payment is verified, they will take the domain from you and give it to the buyer.

You just need to take into account their horse commission.
  Specify the card number in the settings. If the account is other then USD, then you will receive the amount at the rate. Only the exchange rate will be as unfavorable as possible and there will still be a bank commission for the transaction. Everyone has their own, here you need to check with the bank.