How to put a domain name up for auction?

Started by CreativeDreamrz, Aug 08, 2022, 01:57 AM

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They asked by PM how to put up a domain for auction on Sedo. Thought this information might be useful to many. Here is what I know.

Sedo has three types of auctions

1. Marketplace Auctions - these are auctions going there daily - they all last exactly 7 days - like all other auctions on Sedo. You can put any of your domain names to such auction, if they have made a bid that suits you, but you want to "prolong the pleasure" and try to squeeze more out of the domain than the buyer offered, hoping that other buyers will beat the bid.
If no one interrupted - the domain goes for the price that you agreed (started the auction) - to the one who "came" to you from the very beginning with an offer.

2. Great Domains/Premium Auctions - these are premium auctions - Sedo runs them about once a month and accepts only high-end domains that they think can fetch good money.
To get to such an auction, you need to write an email to Sedo technical support with a request to consider your domain names for a premium auction (or maybe now there is even a standard form on the website - where you can apply). The auction lasts 7 days.

3. Occasional Auctions are auctions held by Sedo on an occasional basis.
It can be either an auction without a minimum price (it doesn't matter the topic or domain zone), or domain names of a certain country/zone (for example, there were auctions dedicated to the domains of England, then Holland) or an auction dedicated to domains of a certain direction (for example, there were auctions dedicated to numbered domains like 88. com or there was, for example, an auction on domain names on the topic of travel, recreation).

That's all I know about auctions. If you ask, I might be able to answer.
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Sedo is the Market / Bazaar, Broker / Deal Guarantor.

In the same way, as if you put your car at the car dealership with a price tag on the windshield, the same situation with domain names on Sedo, and the auction is just an extra. the possibility of prolonging the pleasure in case of receiving a bid that you accepted, only then you get the right to start the auction.

All domain names by default fall into the cataloged listing (by category/topic),
those. all without exception FOR SALE domain names, until you yourself in the Panel transfer the domain to the "NOT FOR SALE" position.