How to sell a domain on Afternic

Started by Bhuwan, Aug 12, 2022, 01:18 AM

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BhuwanTopic starter

So I decided to try to sell my old domain names in the .com zone at the auction and something doesn't work out very well for me ((((

Is it necessary to register their dns addresses? How long does it take to get a domain name up for auction?


No, not necessarily if you don't want to park domain there.
With BuyNow - will be sold immediately from the listing, i.ะต. will not be included in the auction. If there is a bid which is equal to or greater than the Reserve Price - the domain name will go to auction - for a week, if no one else is interested, then it will go to the buyer at the rate of his bid. If an offer is made higher than or equal to the minbid, you will receive a notification about this and then you will decide what to do.

Generally, they send high-priced domains, a premium listing for review (you did the usual one, judging by the screenshot), or there may be some other reason, for instance, checking for the right to dispose of the domain ..
This does not mean that they will not accept it, they can accept it, they can give a recommendation on the price. The review process usually takes up to several days.