How to win an auction at SnapNames?

Started by lizatailor23, Aug 09, 2022, 10:27 AM

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lizatailor23Topic starter

Good day,

I ordered a domain name for interception from SnapNames. They successfully caught him, but there were several people who also wanted to, and they staged an auction.

I wanted to consult with experienced people - how is it better to place bets there, generally, which strategy should I choose to win this auction? Never done that before. I will be glad to your advice. Thanks.


The key point is that bids are usually made in the last minutes of the auction. And the gain depends only on your budget for that domain name.

1) Place an auto-bid on your marginal bid and how lucky you are.
2) Be patient and bargain in the last minutes. In that case, the auction may take up to several hours.

Ethane Ford

Any auction is not a lottery, but a regular purchase (at least in modern times). In order not to waste time, choose a suitable domain name and estimate the price of the item. Let's say, according to your (real) calculations, it costs $350 (well, or there is a redemption price), and the auction start price is $170. This means that the final will be in the region of $ 275-325. Usually the purchase price is 10-20% less than the actual price of the product (regardless of the domain name or any product).
There is no such thing as a way to "win an auction". If the goods are in use, then there are many who want to, and you should not think that there will be few who want to go to the end.