Namejet as a platform for domains selling

Started by vinodkumar, Aug 02, 2022, 05:26 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

I didn't find a topic about Namejet here, namely, I'm interested in this website as a platform for sale, has anyone tried to put domain names up for auction there?

As far as I understand, you give a list of domain names there and then they themselves decide which domain to take to the auction and which not, or am I wrong?

Anyone has any experience there?  please share.


That's right, you need to apply through the form on their site with your best domain names that are planned to be put up for auction, in a month and a half, if they are interested, you will receive an answer with a contract and all instructions.

The service commission is about 15%, in the listing application you can set a reserve for each domain, or set it without it.
By the end of the auction, all domains must be in Enom, the transfer is paid by the seller.

Payment on the principle of NET 15 in one USD voucher for all successfully completed auctions of the previous month, there are no other payment methods.

Generally, everything works quite old-school in a semi-manual mode and makes sense only in the case of a large portfolio, with custom domain names there will be more hassle + a long wait for payment.