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Started by Lucatall, Aug 02, 2022, 12:03 AM

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For example the following situation: You have an excellent domain name, as you think, and you want to put it up at Sedo auction, but here's the problem - you have to pay 60 euros.
And now the most interesting thing: reading various information about this portal, I read that if someone makes a bid (even if it is minimal), then if you agree with this bid, it is possible to launch an auction in which anyone can participate, after which, if there were no transactions, the domain is transferred to initial buyer.

And here is the most interesting thing: what if I offer someone to bid on the domain - I agree to this bid and start the auction. Time passes and if there were no rates, then I buy the domain name for the same amount, taking into account interest when withdrawing funds. Or as an option to create yourself 2 accounts for Sedo and try like this?


It seems that the game is not worth the candle. And I'll explain why.
1) Buying / selling is done through managers, i.e. yet another story.
2) When the situation repeats, the security service will look at the participants of such act. And the account blocking may suddenly arrive.
3) I do not know how is the paid auction, but free (after the bid) is done without a reserve.
4) If the domain is good, they will make offers without this markup. And if it's junk, then even $30 will be too much for it.

IMHO, make a "make offer" with a minimum of $60. If anyone is interested, put it up for auction.